Transportation Services

Our goal is to maintain family connections and provide our youth the opportunity to experience the love and care of their families.

Regular Transportation Services

We have instituted a regular transportation program designed for round the clock 24/7 and 365 Days a year to ensure safe and hassle-free transit for the youth in care for all their Transportation Needs. This program is pivotal to our mission of promoting family reunification. Through our transportation and reunification initiatives, we aim to reconnect vulnerable youth with their families, strengthening the bonds of kinship and rekindling the spirit of unity. Transportation needs can be of various types such as: School Transportation, Medical Appointments, Family Visit, Weekend stays with Families and all other transportation needs.

Late-hour Transportation / After hour transportation

This program is designed to meet all transportation needs outside of regular working hours.

It can be necessary for various reasons:

  • Court Orders, Parental Work Schedules, Safety and Convenience, Avoiding Disruption.
  • Late hour transportation provides readily and safe transportation for child and family services on urgent basis 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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