Emergent Care Services

Family Forever Inc. provides emergent staffing solutions for children and youth in care.

Emergent Care Services

Family Forever Inc.'s Emergent Care Staffing Services cater to the urgent and unforeseen needs of individuals with disabilities or special needs, as well as the organizations and facilities that support them. This service is designed to provide immediate staffing solutions to ensure the safety, well-being, and continuity of care for those in need of support during unexpected situations. Here's an overview:

  • Rapid Response: Emergent Care Staffing Services offer rapid response to situations where immediate staffing is required due to unforeseen circumstances such as caregiver emergencies, sudden illnesses, or unexpected staffing shortages within care facilities.
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Family Forever Inc. provides flexible staffing solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients. Whether it's short-term coverage for a few hours or longer-term support during a staffing crisis, the organization aims to meet the immediate staffing needs effectively.
  • Qualified and Trained Staff: The staffing pool consists of qualified and trained caregivers who are equipped to handle emergency situations and provide high-quality care to individuals with diverse needs and disabilities. These caregivers undergo thorough screening, background checks, and training to ensure they meet the standards set by Family Forever Inc.
  • Adherence to Regulations and Standards: Family Forever Inc. adheres to all relevant regulations and standards in the provision of emergent care staffing services set by Children Services of Alberta. This includes compliance with healthcare regulations, licensing requirements, and industry best practices to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals receiving care.

Family Forever Inc.'s Emergent Care Staffing Services provide a vital resource for ensuring the continuity of care and the safety of individuals with disabilities or special needs during unexpected staffing challenges or emergencies.

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